Based in the South East of Scotland we are a small family run craft business where each item is made by ourselves with love and just a little bit of fairy magic! If you are looking for something a little different you have come to the right place. All our fairy doors are made from reclaimed or recycled wood and are polyurethane sealed so are perfectly safe outdoors. Alongside our stock doors we can also do special order doors which are tailored to each person with anything from a bowl of lentil soup to tortoise crafted from polymer clay and added to the door according to our customers specifications. As well as fairy doors we also have a selection of Fairy Houses, again each sealed and safe for outdoor use. Each of our houses is completely unique, we never make two the same. This is also true of our Dragon wands where beautifully crafted wooden wands are enhanced with unique and character filled polymer clay dragons. We also have a range of quirky findings such as Baby Unicorns, Little Luck Dragons and of course our Budlings....... Happy Browsing!